District Governor met with us  at the ANAF on Wednesday December 4 at 5:30. Tuesday with 13 members and 2 Honorary Members. Up to then he said that he has met with 48 of 52 clubs thus far. All in less than 6 months as Governor. Well Done! He talked about the situation of Rotary in the world with 1.2 million Rotarians. He indicated that the number of new Rotarians  who join Rotary has been balances with the number that Rotary loses. The District of 5040 has about 1500, however 40 per cent leave as 630 leave and 673 join, so the district is up in numbers. He talked about engaged Rotarians inn meaningful service as well as being valued as members.  This year the theme is engaging rotary and changing lives which included how what we do impacts on us personally.

He asked us to support the Rotary Foundation as individuals when giving to charity. He indicated that at San Diego when the District Governors me they raises 675, 000. When the trustees, volunteers made donations that week they had raised over one million dollars for the foundation.


He asked us to support PETS. And the District Conference in Squamish May 23-23. Also to support a youth to attend at a cost of $175. I believe we have someone to attend  from within our club. Good discussion took place with regard to our club as we are new in our formation. There is one other club in Western Canada which is more a traditional Rotary Club.


A thank you to DG Garry Shearer, Assistant Governor James Westmacott, Hans Doge and Gordon Dalglish Honorary Members.




By now you will all know that we are very saddened by the passing of our good friend and rotation Doug Webster. A celebration of life was held on Tuesday, December 10 at the Richmond Funeral Home.




Some magnificent projects grow from very small seeds. The Rotary Foundation had that sort of modest Beginning.

In 1917, RI President Arch Klumph told delegates to the Atlanta convention that “it seems eminently proper that we should accept endowments for the purpose of doing good work in the world.” The response was polite and favorable , but the fund was slow to materialize. A year later, the Rotary Endowment Fund, as it was originally labeled, receives its first contribution of US$26.50 from the Rotary Club of Kansas City, Missouri., USA, which was the balance of the Kansas City convention account following the 1918 annual meeting. Additional Small mounts were contributed each year, but after six years the endowment had reached only $700. A decade later, The Rotary Foundation was formally established at the 1928 Minneapolis convention. In the next four years, the Foundation grew to $50,000. In 1937, a $2 million goal was announced for the Rotary Foundation, but these plans were cut short and abandoned with the outbreak of World War II. In 1947, upon the death of Paul Harris, a new era opened for the Rotary Foundation, as memorial gifts poured in to honor the founder of Rotary.

It is staggering to imagine that from those humble beginnings, The Rotary Foundation is now receiving more that $65 million each year for educational and humanitarian work around the world.





The official opening of the airport on Sea Islands was on July 22, 1931 by the then Premier of the Province S.F. Tolmie. The original airport was a 168 acre field on Sea Island  that boasted Canada’s first 2400 foot long runway  and was 100 feet wide. It also had several taxi strips, grass landing areas, a pump station, one hangar for landplanes, and an administration building. Some 25,000 spectators were thrilled at the opening of the new airport. Approximately 50 airplanes took part in daring displays that kept those attending with their eyes skyward. At that time the Airport manager advocated the extension of airmail from Lethbridge, Alberta to Vancouver,